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COVID-19 ADVICE specific for Lake Tuggearnong College

Assessment: Important information from the Board of Senior Secondary Studies

Please read this document for information relating to ongoing assessment from the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies

Online Classes

Following advice from the ACT Chief Minister, Lake Tuggearnong College will be pupil free from Tuesday 24th March 2020. Please ask students to check their Google Classrooms for updates on their specific classes.

Current State: Pupil Free from 24 March

Principals Message to Families and Students 24 March

I appreciate that many of you have been eagerly awaiting word from us regarding the current situation at the college.  Sincere apologies for this message only coming out just now – we have been seeking absolute clarity of message, rather than rushing out.  We believe we now have that clarity.

Below are two really important sets of advice for you all.  I will summarise them both via some hypothetical questions and answers, but I strongly urge you to read the two documents.

LTC Academic Advice - Updated 24 March

LTC Wellbeing Advice - Updated 24 March

We are open!  We want learning to keep ticking along. This is the LTC approach.

Question: Are classes continuing while we are pupil-free?

Answer: YES – although it will be a much scaled-down set of work/activities.  All of these pieces of work are on Google Classrooms.  Students absolutely should know their classroom codes.  If they don’t, they need to get in immediate contact with their classroom teacher using the email or call the college Help Desk on 6142 3709.

Question: Is this scaled down work compulsory?

Answer:  Not compulsory, but STRONGLY ADVISED! We want to keep our students learning – even if it is at less pace and complexity.  We believe it is vital to stay in touch with the college and with teachers and classwork.  It’s also a great way to occupy time!

Question: What about assessment items for the Senior Secondary Certificate?

Answer: LTC will continue to expect students to complete and submit already-set assessable items. Of course we are aware that this will be tricky for some students (could be IT/internet issue, could be challenges of working without face-to-face teaching) – WE WILL SUPPORT YOU ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS, so it is more important than ever that students let their classroom teachers know of challenges they face with assessment items between now and the 9th April.

Question: There is no way we/I feel confident in this online space of learning.  What do we/I do?

Answer: If you are a student, you immediately contact College Life – or any other College Life staff member that you have already been to see.  If you are a parent/carer of a student with a disability, you immediately contact .  Parents/carers can also contact Richard Fox or John Alston-Campbell – our two deputies.

Yours sincerely,


Class Changes for Term 2

Hi students and families

I trust that you are staying safe and following along with rapid changes in this new way of learning online.

This email is to inform you that class changes at the end of Term 1 will proceed as normal. It is rarely advisable to make changes to packages at this time of year, but if it is clear that the learning in a particular course isn’t suitable then please use the form below to signal your intention to change.

Intention to change form

Use the one form to fill in multiple class changes. This form will close on Tuesday 31 March, 4:30pm.

Each change will be considered on its own merits and may warrant a follow-up conversation with an Academic Officer. No change can be guaranteed at this stage.

You can use the following link to view class options, the line that class is on, and current numbers when considering a change.

2020 Grid

The College Life team will be in contact with students directly on Thursday 2 April and Friday 3 April next week to follow up on the intention to change classes.

The end of term 1 is a good time to be seeking advice on your package overall. You may want to get in contact with Lalita (careers), an Academic Officer (academic advice) or Student Wellbeing Coordinator (wellbeing advice). If there are any questions about this process, you can get in contact with me.

Thank you.

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