Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Click here for the LTC VET Student Handbook 2015.

LTC offers a range of Vocational courses. Course offerings are subject to college resourcing. The courses listed here are examples of what is possible.

Upon completion of a Vocational course students gain:

  • A nationally recognised certificate
  • A qualification that is recognised by other training organisations e.g. CIT
  • Entry into higher level courses after college
  • Increase options for taking up a traineeship or an  apprenticeship
  • Valuable links with employers

Automotive (Vocational Preparation) (Certificate II)

This course offers a number of pathways into automotive trade training as well as catering for a general education about how to maintain and repair a car. It is possible for students enrolled in this course to obtain up to nine competencies in the Certificate II in Automotive Training. For those students ready to commit to definite career in the automotive service industry, then enrolment in a Certificate III in Automotive is possible in Year 12. Students can also undertake paid work with an ASBA whilst also completing their Year 12 Certificate.

Business Administration (Certificate II/III)

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills required for employment.

Students gain computing and administrative skills which will help through college, university and for direct entry into the workforce. In partnership with CIT, the college also offers students the opportunity to gain a Certificate II in Business, completing the competencies in class or at the CIT Flexible Learning Centre.

Construction Pathways (Certificate II)

This course is aimed at those students who would like to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of building construction and allied professions (e.g.: carpentry, bricklaying, concreting etc.). This course leads to a Certificate II in Construction Pathways where all competencies have been successfully completed. Previous experience is not required to enrol in this course.

Furniture Making (Certificate II)

This course is aimed at those students who would like to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of woodwork and furniture construction and is also suitable for students who enjoy working with wood.

Information Technology (Certificate II)

This course is designed for students looking at career options in the computer support industry.

USI now required for all VET students

As of 1 January 2015, any student enrolled in any VET training in Australia will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

This applies to all students studying a VET course in their package at Lake Tuggeranong College

Students should apply on-line at www.usi.gov.au. The process should only take about 2-3 minutes. You will need some form of identification (such as a Medicare Card) to complete the process.

Students should refer to the Information Sheet for Parents and Students on the college website for instructions on how to apply for their USI.

Once the student has received confirmation of their USI, they need to then bring this to their VET teacher at College. The VET teacher will then pass this on for data entry into the ACT ETD Student management system.

If a student does not have a USI they will not get and recognition for their VET studies.

For further information, please contact Helen Witcombe, VET Coordinator at LTC at helen.witcombe@ed.act.edu.au