Principal's Welcome

Welcome to LTC

Welcome to Lake Tuggeranong College (LTC). Welcome to what we believe is an outstanding educational facility.

What makes it an outstanding place to learn?

Lake Tuggeranong College has many of the things that educational researchers tell us are required to help equip young people for productive and happy lives in the 21st century:

  • Teachers with subject matter specialisation, who actively seek to enhance their teaching skills. Our teachers know they are making a difference to the learning of their students. They are passionate about what and how they teach.
  • Well-resourced classrooms and learning environments. The college boasts excellent information technologies to allow students (and staff) to access the world. Specialist teaching areas are also well equipped to ensure that students experience wider-world learning. Refer to page 6 and 7 for detailed information.
  • A library facility shared with Libraries ACT, affording students the opportunity to understand how to learn and to research. Refer to page 13 for more information.
  • An active student leadership presence, ensuring students have a voice and are part of decision-making processes.
  • A range of advice and support services for students and their families. We are a positive education school actively promoting wellbeing for everyone. We organise our school around pastoral care  LinC Groups (‘Life in College’ groups) to assist in this.
  • An excellent Careers & Transitions Unit which actively helps students plan their senior secondary pathway and life beyond Year 12.
  • Beautifully maintained buildings and grounds, helping to make students feel proud of where they learn.
    We enact these three values each and every day as we strive to provide an outstanding educational experience for your son/daughter.

I wish all students well in their college life and studies at Lake Tuggeranong College.

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Julie Murkins