Vocational Education and Training (VET)

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Operating under the network registered training organisation, ACTIVE Tuggeranong (RTO 88000), Lake Tuggeranong College offers and delivers Vocational Education courses and issues nationally recognised qualifications through the BSSS (Board of Senior Secondary Studies).

Vocational courses provide competency-based training that is workplace relevant and develops skills that enhance training and employment opportunities beyond college. Students work towards the completion of specific competencies that can lead to receiving a nationally recognised qualification. The Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trades Training Centre is located at Lake Tuggeranong College; this facility provides excellent training opportunities for students looking to get a headstart on their vocational pathway and establish links with industry.

Nationally recognised Certificates are awarded where participants meet the required standard of industry competence. Students will also receive recognition for partial completion of certificates through a Statement of Attainment.

The following Vocational courses are offered at Lake Tuggeranong College.

Automotive Technology (AUR20716 - Certificate II  Automotive Vocational Preparation - Statement of Attainment)

This course offers a number of pathways into automotive trade training, through the year 10 Pre-Apprenticeship program. Students learn about  As part of the evening classes, students enrolled in the vocational stream of this course can obtain up to four Certificate II competencies.

Business Services (BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business/ BSB30115- Certificate III in Business - Statement of Attainment)

This course provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding of business practices, procedures and concepts relevant to working in a business service and/or business industry environment. Students can achieve a Certificate II in Business and a Certificate III in Business (Statement of Attainment). They learn to analyse, problem solve, make decisions and develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which are highly suitable for employment and further training in a wide variety of industries.

Construction Pathways (CPC20211 – Certificate II in Construction Pathways)

This course is aimed at those students who would like to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of building construction and allied professions (e.g.: carpentry, bricklaying, concreting etc.). This course leads to a Certificate II in Construction Pathways where all competencies have been successfully completed. Previous experience is not required to enrol in this course.

Furniture Making (MSF20313 - Certificate II Furniture Making)

This course is aimed at those students who would like to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of woodwork and cabinetmaking. The course is specially designed for those looking to pursue a career in the cabinetmaking trades such as furniture making, kitchens, commercial joinery and furniture manufacturing.

Information Technology (ICT20115 – Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology)

This course provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding of Information Technology that prepares students for working in an IT related computer support industry. Students can achieve a Certificate II in Information, Digital media and Technology and a Statement of Attainment as they progress their studies. They learn to analyse, problem solve and develop technical skills which are highly suitable for employment and further training in a wide variety of industries. LTC offers a variety of IT-related streams that link directly with computer-based industries including 3D game programming and development, Web design, database and spreadsheet support and computer networking and cybersecurity under the CISCO academy program. Students use their experiences gained at LTC to study at AIE, CIT and the IT apprenticeships available through the federal and ACT public service employers.

For further details on the above Certificates see https://training.gov.au

Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA)

ASBA’s offer students the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised qualification by combining paid work and training as part of their education program during Years 11 and 12. A Certificate II qualification requires a minimum of 8 hours in the workplace and a minimum of 3 hours off the job training per week. ASBA’s are also available for some Certificate III qualifications. Undertaking an ASBA contributes towards your ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. ASBA’s can be undertaken in a number of industry areas and provide pathways to future training and employment.

The ASBA coordinator as well as the Transitions and Careers Officer are available to assist you to explore ASBA options and opportunities. For further information please contact Carlene Marr, the ASBA Coordinator at LTC at Carlene.Marr@ed.act.edu.au

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students with skills and/or experience which may be relevant to a vocational course in which they are enrolling are entitled to seek acknowledgment of this through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Credit Transfer

Students who complete Vocational qualifications at Lake Tuggeranong College are entitled to Credit Transfer in relevant courses at other Registered Training Organisations. (RTOs). The purpose of credit transfer is to make it easier for students to move between courses and institutions and to gain credit for previous study so they do not have to repeat the training and can complete their current qualification more quickly.

Unique Student Identifier

All students completing Vocational courses at LTC are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before they can receive any formal documentation relating to a VET qualification. To generate a USI, Students should apply online at www.usi.gov.au. The process should only take about 2-3 minutes. You will need some form of identification (such as a licence or Medicare Card) to complete the process. Once the student has received confirmation of their USI, they need to then bring this to their VET teacher at College. The VET teacher will then pass this on for entry into the student management database. For further information, please contact Darlene Smith, the VET Coordinator at LTC at Darlene.Smith@ed.act.edu.au