Attendance & Absences

Students are required to attend all classes. The BSSS will not issue points for units that have not been attended to a rate of 90%. The college alerts the BSSS via the awarding of a ‘V’ (‘void’) grade for units that have not been attended to the 90% quota - this equates to approximately seven (7) unexplained absences per semester.

Academic Officers monitor attendance rates on a weekly basis. Any student whose attendance falls below the 90% of the scheduled classes/contact time and has not provided substantial documentary evidence to cover the absence will be issued a V-grade Warning. This means that unexplained absences could result in a ‘V’ Grade being issued.

Absence notification

The college uses an electronic roll-marking process for the recording of attendance in classes via the Sentral application.

Teachers mark their class rolls electronically and from this information, absence alerts are sent to families. Parents/guardians can provide a reason for the absence (a ‘note’) by sending an email to This email is checked daily and absences updated by LTC staff. If further information is required or a note is incomplete, a return email will be generated requesting further information.

Similarly, if you know you are going to be absent for a legitimate or unavoidable reason, your parent/guardian can provide early notification to the email to have that data entered ahead of time. This avoids any concerns or mistakes about absences in the future.

If your family does not have access to email, a completed Student Leave Form should be used to explain the absence. These are available from College Life in Pavillion 6 and the Front Office. This form must be signed by a parent/guardian stating an acceptable reason. This form must be returned to College Life within 10 days of an absence.

If a student is absent for 3 consecutive days it is requested that a medical certificate is obtained.

A medical certificate must be supplied if you are unable to attend the AST. When an assessment submission due date or subject examination is missed an explanation from a parent/carer is required along with adequate documentary evidence where applicable.

Attendance Printouts

Attendance records will be emailed home at various times during the school year. Students should follow up with class teachers to discuss absences or V grade warnings.

An updated copy of attendance in classes is included with the Interim Reports. Parents are welcome to contact class teachers to discuss any attendance issues. Similarly, the Student Wellbeing Coordinator can assist families with attendance matters.

Extended Leave Form

Extended Leave is defined as one week or more. Students are required to inform the college with prior notice and provide College Life Help Desk staff with a written note stating the proposed dates of any extended leave which they take. This includes overseas trips and interstate sporting trips. Forms are available from College Life Admin and on our website. Students need to obtain the form and discuss the leave agreement with each of their classroom teachers, and students are responsible for fulfilling these commitments. Upon completing the form with all required signatures, students are to return it BEFORE they take the leave. If a student does not provide an extended leave form or fails to fulfill their negotiated leave agreements, this may affect their outcomes for the subjects.