Diversity and Inclusion

Lake Tuggeranong College is an inclusive educational institution that works to support all students to achieve their full potential during their time at the college.  Students are encouraged to work closely with their Wellbeing coordinator, Academic Officers, and teachers to develop a program that reflects their personal goals and future pathways.

Many students require extra support during their time at Lake Tuggeranong College and we provide a range of support services to ensure all students can access and participate in their learning program to the best of their abilities. Staff at Lake Tuggeranong regularly engage in the Disability Education training and have a strong awareness of trauma-informed practice and positive psychology that is reflected in their classroom practice.

Lake Tuggeranong College has a number of support programs in place for students:

The Hub - (Small Group Program) Student eligibility is assessed by school psychologists in their current school using the ACT Student Disability criteria.  Students apply to the college through the usual online process, noting previous involvement with Disability programs or Inclusion programs.  Students are provided the opportunity to access a small group program with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8 if that suits their learning needs, students are further supported by Learning Support Assistants in the classroom. Students are invited to participate in the modified courses Contemporary English,  Contemporary Maths, Connected Learning, Food for Life, and Woodwork in the small group program.

Students are also welcome, and encouraged, to choose courses from across the curriculum that are of interest to them. Where required students will be able to access the modified curriculum in the course of their choice.

Students’ programs are developed with parent and student input to ensure their studies suit their needs.  Parents and students are regularly invited to engage with the school when constructing Individual Learning Plans that will help to support students and formulate clear and achievable goals for the individual.

The Resource Room is an experienced team of Learning Support Assistants who provide support for a range of students, including students who are funded through the Inclusion Support Program (ISP) as designated by the Education Directorate, and students who are referred to the program by staff at the college and students identified by feeder schools. Students are also encouraged to self-refer to this service when required.

Students may use this space on a timetabled basis or on their lines off, others will utilise this service during class time in negotiation with their classroom teachers.

Students are encouraged to seek support services by talking to their SWC or AO, or any of the College Life team.



LTC Programs



Small Group Program

Students are identified by parents, high school or Directorate as meeting criteria for a small group program.  Students enroll online


3 core M units in HUB

2 electives choices

1:8 + LSA support


Identified by Disability Education as requiring significant adjustments to the program

Students enroll online

Resource Room connection

5 electives (including minor in English)

Or 4 electives and an R unit support line

LSA support and case management

School or self-identified support needs without official diagnosis or evidence

Identified by student, parent or carer, teachers, and wellbeing officers

Resource Room connection

5 electives (including minor in English)

LSA support

Please contact jennifer.bodell@ed.act.edu.au if you would like to discuss the different supports we can offer your young adult at Lake Tuggeranong College.

Further guidance from the Directorate:

Enrolling in a Public School

Inclusion Support Program and Disability Education Programs

Please view this fact sheet regarding the name change of these programs

Parents requesting Inclusion Support Program or Disability Education Program (Small Group Program) access for their child should enrol their child in their local school (or a school outside their local area) using the online enrolment application form Enrolling in a Public School. Evidence about their child’s eligibility, such as a Disability Education Program Application completed by a school psychologist, should be noted in the form and provided to the school on request.